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You are the proud owner of a property on our beautiful island. If you bought your property through us, our services do not stop with handing over the keys to your property. And if you haven't bought it through us, we can still offer you a variety of services.

Advise, is off course free, but for an agreed price, we can take away all your worries and solve burocratical problems that might arise with living in a foreign country, where often, the language difficulties and the differences in culture, might make things look complicated.

Here under you will find some of the services we can offer you :

If your property is a second home or a holiday home and you are not always present

Perhaps you want to rent your property out for the periods you are not using it, we can assist you with the renting and the cleaning up of the property.

Do you want to make sure your bills are being paid on time during your abcense?

We can make sure your telephone, electricity and waterbill is paid for.

If you have a garden, we can make sure a gardner comes on a regular basis and maintains your garden for an agreed price.

Crime is almost unknown in Crete, but your safety is always a concern. We can take away your worries, by visiting your property and to check if everything is in order.

Bad weather conditions (heavy rain, fludings) can cause some problems, we can check your property to see if there is any damage caused. And if there is damage, we will not hesitate to contact you immediately and if you ask us to, repair any damages.

Even when you live here permanently or temporary, we can also assist you.....

If you wish to insure your property and furniture, we can offer you an insurance with the option to be insured in case of an earthquake. We also do car insurances, health, life and other insurances....

All owners of property have to declare their property, on the year that follows their purchase and in some cases, every year. We can reffer you to an accountant that will do all of this.

If your property has crops or olive trees, we can make sure these are harvested for you and sold at the marketprices of the moment.

If you need help getting connected to the telephone services and electricity, we can assist you with all the necessary papers and if necessary assist you to the required companies.

It's exciting to decorate and furnish a new home, or to choose the plants for the terrace and the trees and flowers for your garden. But sometimes, as a newcomer to a foreign company, it might be difficult to know where to find certain things.


We can help you in the right direction and advise you and if necessary accompany you.

And off course we can advise you with plumbers, electricians and others and even contact them for you and make all the necessary appointments and if necessary, to be present to make sure the works are carried out correctly.

If you want to buy a car or a motobike, we can also help you in the right direction and advise you in all the necessary paperwork that goes with the terratory and again if necessary accompany you.

Your future life on Crete :

Unfortunatly, life doesn't always go as we anticipate and if you're on a holiday or live here permanently, you will always run into problems or have questions and we will do our best to help you and assist you.